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Grappled with some cliché hiccups, such as getting an office space, taking important conference calls from home and from your car, presenting to the client over skype on low speed internet, scheduling important meetings at coffee shops where we spent more on the eatables than what we earned in the initial months, had us rethinking our whole idea of doing business. But these hurdles coaxed us into bringing about the change we wanted for ourselves.

Enter Paragraph; a co-working space where that’s changing the way every blueprint establishes itself as a scion of the industry. From building networks to creating a community, we are journeying through amenities so that you find the perfect space for all your office needs.

We are there to accommodate everyone and every business, irrespective of their association with us on a long term or a short term basis or their sizeability. For us, whether it is a multi-national corporate or a national conglomerate, looking to expand it's horizon with a different city or those who are taking up projects for these organisations; here, you will always be a part of the group that thinks different, but are alike in sharing the same platform, Paragraph.

Our Motivation

Found its ‘place’ in our minds to make a repository of workspaces that could be tapped by you at your terms, wherever you need, for whatever time, bringing with it, all the facilities that you desire. Call it the freedom to innovate? Maybe, yes!



‘Expand your horizon’ is not just a requirement in your resume or entrepreneurial back story.


Filling in a dedicated space here gives you the feeling of a community where everyone’s commitment to their work keeps you motivated.


Sometimes, when there is a block and no further thought on what you need to do next, remember that dreams don’t work unless you do.


Ideas are incorporated from observations of demands in the market.