Event Space

Looking for a hip and exciting space for your product launch, exhibition or quarterly event?

Try our event spaces… They come with projector, screens and amazing speakers, not to forget the fantastic ambience.

Gatherings of up to 50 people can be easily done.

Meeting Room

Do your Meetings hassle-free.

Ideal for 4-5 people, our meeting rooms or Huddle rooms are equipped with presentation display for you to brainstorm your PowerPoint presentations with your clients and colleagues.

Hot Desk

At Paragraph we give you a lifetime of relationships to grow your business manifold.

Our Hot Desk plan allows you to network with the working community build ties and know people.

It’s for all those young and young-at-mind entrepreneurs who don’t necessarily need a private office or the same desk every day.

Just come and grab any seat you like in the common area and work while enjoying the Paragraph environment.
And the best part?

Dedicated Desk

Is the hustle-bustle leaving you with no peace of mind to bring out something genius?

At Paragraph, avail all the facilities along with a dedicated space to yourself where you have your own desk, chair and a cabinet to store your stuff

Private Chalet

Looking for a private office for you and your team?

Our Private Chalet plan gives you a secure space which comes in fully furnished with desks, chairs and filing cabinets.

Available for teams of any size, these office spaces feature glass walls to maintain privacy without sacrificing natural light—great for dry-erase brainstorming.

Bringing your team into a private office means you get all the perks of working in a community, with everything you need to truly make your office your own. You get free credits too, not only for the meeting room but also to access the services of RFID Card access, Receptionist, Office boy, On site staff, High speed internet, Unique common areas, and Networking.

We will only not allow you to play volleyball or basketball matches with the other team!

Custom Buildout

You have a special requirement with regards to the private chalet? Need the office as per your needs?
We’ll do it for you!

Professional Chalet

The Professional Chalet is your own executive cabin.

If you work by yourself and have clients visiting you often, then this cabin is perfectly made for you.

You are your boss with a personal desk, filing cabinets and chairs for your visitors and yourself.

Swirl about that that four wheeled seating to also enjoy other paragraph community benefits and free credits.

Conference Room

You think that a brainstorming session in reality is a passé.

But what we offer would want you to bring those unsaid virtual points to table.

Host a conference with your investors, clients, vendors or your team at our prestigious high end conference room.

Book it per hour as well as on per day basis. The room is state of the art equipped with high tech video conferencing facilities. You can enjoy unlimited beverages and onsite staff services as a part of the plan.


Virtual Office

Looking for a prestigious office address on your business card, but don’t want a physical office?
Don’t worry! With our virtual office package, get the best address for your business where we attend your phone calls and also handle your mails and couriers.
Not only this! You also get credits to use the meeting rooms every now and then.

Hour Glass Chalet

Have an important client coming over and need to impress him/her with your set up?
Use our On-the-go Hour glass Professional Cabin

Here you won’t have to pay for the whole day!

Hire a professional executive cabin only for the hours that you require for the meeting while also availing the services of a Receptionist, Office boy, High speed internet, Onsite staff and Unique common areas